Agot Isidro's rant against President Rody Duterte has gone viral due to her controversial 'psychopath' comment. Since then, many have reprimanded the actress telling her off after using a medical term and labeling someone publicly, especially the beloved Philippine President, as someone with a mental condition.

Among the many who've slammed the actress after her online tirade was European event founder of FIL Malcolm Conlan who politely wrote an open letter to Isidro.

Malcolm revealed meeting the actress personally and admitted having high respect for her and her "right to freedom og speech". However he also noted that it was'nt a smart move on her part to exercise it publicly especially against Duterte.

In his letter, he also emphasized the many great things that Duterte have done in his first 100 days of his term and his heart for the people despite his tough facade.

Read his full statement below:


Source: TNP , Facebook

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