If you are a dreamer who aims for a high-profile lifestyle in the future, well this should be an eye-opening article for you!

On a 2016 salary report which focused on high-paying jobs and trends in the Philippine Job Market, the findings collected show that the information technology (IT) field continue its 3-year trend of providing the highest paying jobs across all position levels.

Jobs in IT field include web developer, software developer, and systems administrator. 

It also shows that managers in the IT-related fields earned the highest average monthly salary at P86,550 in 2015, although this was 4.23% lower than the P90,374 average in 2014.

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for Managers/Assistant Managers:

1. IT - P86,550
2. Corporate Strategy - P75,784
3. Actuarial Science/Statistics - P75,784
4. Quality Control/Assurance - P73,574
5. Customer Service - P71,389
6. Security/Protective Services - 67,333
7. Human Resources - P65,122
8. Training and Development - P64,651
9. Finance - P62,673
10. Law/Legal Services - P61,310

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for junior executives are: 

1. IT
2. Law/Legal Services
3. Actuarial/Statistics
4. Customer Service
5. Training & Development
6. Public Relations/Communications
7. Banking/ Financial Services
8. Arts/Creatives
9. Finance
10. Marketing/Business Development

The top ten jobs for those on the supervisor level are also mostly in the same categories.

Supervisors in jobs related to human resources, engineering, and marketing come with high salaries, too.

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for junior are: 

1. IT
2. Law/Legal
3. Quality Control/Assurance
4. Finance
5. Customer Service
6. Banking/Financial Services
7. Human Resources
8. Training and Development
9. Engineering
10. Marketing/ Business Development

If jobs are to enter a pageant, IT jobs surely grabbed all the titles!

To all aspiring job applicants, you now know the 1st category to look into.

Happy Job Hunting! May the IT gods be ever in your favor!


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