President Rodrigo Duterte's Statement of severing alliances with global superpower United States of America, is potential disaster' according to international publication, Foreign Policy.

"The Philippines has seen a vertigo-inducing change in its foreig-policy orientation since Rodrigo Duterte became president this summer.

This crude populist is now transforming the Philippines' relationship with the United States in a fundamental and worrying manner."

With this decision, the US will find it more difficult to counter China's moves on the West Philippine Sea, which has been a top priority for the global superpower ever since the Cold War.

China will then be able to either "neutralize" the Philippines or turn it into a navy base for "menacing US allies" such as Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

"At the very least, the US Navy will find it much harder to protect the most important sea lanes in the world," it said, adding that $5.3 trillion in goods passes through the South China Sea, $1.2 trillion of which is US trade."

For this publication, the shift of foreign policy doesn't even make sense at a time like this, especially when China has been aggressive towards territorial disputes against the Philippines.


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