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A news update reported by GMA New's Tina Panganiban Perez, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte accused an unnamed senator as a Cocaine user.

Duterte claimed the one he gathered the necessary evidence, he will prove his accusations that a senator is involved in using cocaine. "Kung ako ang makakuha ng ebidensya sa inyo, I'll see to it na kung ako ang makaakusa sa inyo, merong isang senador dyan na gumagamit ng cocaine." the Vice Mayor said.

Duterte was accused of being involved in extrajudical killings by a self-confessed assasin, Edgar Matobato. Matobato named Paolo Duterte as the man who is behind the assassination of a certain businessman in Davao. Matobato also accused Duterte's father. President Rodrigo Duterte of ordering the mass execution of criminals in Davao City. The hitman also claimed to be Paolo Duterte's security aide before.

Duterte then defended himself saying Matobato's allegation are just mere hearsay and baseless. Because of this, Duterte decided not to attend the Senate's inquiry regarding the cases that are filed against him. He said that he does not have time to entertain such allegations.

"I dont have time para harapin yang mga ginagawa nyu. Hindi ko yan kilala. Baliw siguro yan." Duterte said pertaining to Matobato.

Instead, the Vice Mayor is more focused on his investigations about the alleged senator who is using cocaine. He added that he will expose any evidence that will validate his claims.

"kung makakuha ako ng ebidensya, ilalabas ko talaga." he added.

Meanwhile, the Senate's probe on extrajudical killings which involve Duterte and his father is still ongoing.


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