MANILA, Philippines - God may have given you the money, but we have the brains.
This was President Duterte’s message yesterday to the United States (US), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) as he vowed to humiliate them in a debate on human rights that he claimed would provide “entertainment” to those who will watch it.
Duterte said he has written letters to US President Barack Obama, US State Secretary John Kerry, the UN, and the EU inviting them to visit the Philippines to probe the killings linked to his war on illegal drugs.
 “I’m very sure they can never be brighter than me. Believe me,” Duterte said during the 42nd Philippine Business Conference and Expo in Pasay.
“Come here, investigate me. But give me also the right to be heard. So I will have to ask you questions after questioning me. I’ll let them play into my hands,” Duterte said.
 he would use his experience as trial lawyer to question critics who have been calling him out for the alleged extrajudicial killing of drug suspects.
 “I’ve been a trial lawyer for many years. I’ll play with you in public. I’ll ask five questions that will humiliate you. I’ll ask ten questions where you will agree with me,” the President said.
“Watch for it. It will be a spectacle. It will be good. It will give you entertainment,” he added, referring to the debate.
“They thought the Philippines is just a small nation. Maybe God gave you the money but we have the brains.”
Duterte has been at odds with the US, EU and UN over his intensified campaign against narcotics, which has left about 3,000 drug suspects dead. He said the US, the EU and the UN had humiliated him before the international community and were trying to interfere with the Philippines’ affairs.

‘Holy Life’

Meanwhile, the President said he may be foul-mouthed and was poor in economics but he lives a “holy life.”
The President made fun of his womanizing and low grades yesterday while marveling at his victory during the presidential polls, which he described as “destiny.”
 “I’d like to tell you. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t womanize. I live a holy life,” he said in jest.
Duterte does not drink and smoke but has admitted to being a womanizer. During the campaign period, he claimed to have two wives and two girlfriends.
“When you begin to delude yourself with too much lies, it becomes the truth in your life,” Duterte said.


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