A co-worker confessed to allegedly killing an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) whose body was found behind a mosque in Oman last Friday.

According to the spokesman of the Royal Police of Oman (RPO), admit a national Asian male co-workers and himself Pinky Pamittan a hotel in Muscat that he was behind the heinous crime.

The Pamittan was first reported missing on Thursday after he missed two days of work. Found his body thrown in the back of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque future.

It is believed that the victim was raped before she was killed, according to initial reports of the RPO.

According to the latest reports the Times of Oman on Thursday, November 3, the main suspect was allegedly questioned by police about the case of the disappearance and death of Pamittan.

Recalled that several employees of the hotel where he worked as a supervisor Pamittan reported to investigating authorities, a day after the discovery of the body of 31-year-old workers.

Also revealed RPO relating to money became suspect and victims of conflict that led to the shocking tragedy. Based on the investigation that there is not likely borrowed amount was Pamittan boys.

“She asked him for a loan. She created an enemy and he took revenge this way,” ayon sa tagapagsalita ng RPO base na rin sa ulat ng Times of Oman.

But also set aside the possibility that investigators suspect may lie.

“She knows him. She trusted him. They worked together and she asked him for a loan. That is, according to his confession. He may be lying,” dagdag pa ng opisyal.

Also scheduled to fly to Oman's mother Pamittan Alice, another OFW in Amman, Jordan to care for the body of his son would celebrate his 32nd birthday this coming November 6.

Meanwhile, RPO wait until the official results of the autopsy of the corpse of the slain OFW for continued investigation.

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