Friday, November 11, 2016

READ: Kristine Hermosa Defends Her Husband, Oyo Boy Sotto, Against An Online Basher: 'Kung sino ka man, tigilan mo ang asawa ko!'

After years of living peacefully in silence, Kristine Hermosa wasn't able to hold back against this basher who accused her husband, Oyo Boy Sotto, of being a "batugan" and was just dependent on the financial supporty of his father, Vic Sotto.

Kristine, who recently gave birth to her 4th kid with her husband, slammed the basher with the account name"batugansioyo" and said:

The 33-year-old actress also ridiculed the basher's cowardice by hiding behind an anonynous account. The basher even made multiple accounts just to harass them.

Oyo Boy then joined the online war of words and answered another basher with the account name "@_determine_" saying:

Oyo Boy is the youngest son of Vic Sotto and his former wife Dina Bonnevie.