Friday, November 11, 2016

READ: President Duterte Once Again Slammed The Media For Focusing on His Sexist Remarks About Vice President Robredo’s Knees

Pres. Duterte once again made it to the Vice-Pres. Robredo's during Typhoon Yolanda's Anniversary.

Many women's right group and netizens called him out, believing the remarks were sexist and rude. Even VP Leni Robredo, who had been mostly silent about Duterte's statements, was taken a back by the lascivious comment.

Pres. Duterte Supporters remained blindly loyal yet again and defended him against the criticism he was justly receiving.

When Pres.Duterte was asked by a reporter if he felt any remorse about his rude comments, he immediately dismissed her and justified himself.

He confidently argued that he was just trying to lighten the mood, as he was deeply disappointed of the irregularities on Yolanda rehabilitation. He was angered by the usual, his excuses had nothing to do with his sexist remarks.

He then slammed the reporter and the media for always high lighting what he believed were trivial remarks when they should have focused on more important matters at hand.

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SOURCE: Maharlika