After years of fighting for Scarborough Shoal, fishermen finally had a bountiful fishing trip just this week. The international Court of Tribunal favored the Philippine's claim with the islands, dismissing China's 9 dash line.

According to the captain of the fishing vessel, Gil Bauya, they tried fishing last October 20 but the Chinese Coast Guards stopped them. However when they tried fishing last October 25, the Chinese Coast Guards didn't stop them at all. The Shoal is known to have diverse kinds of fishes likes Maya-maya, Tanigue, Talakitok, Isdang Bato and Dangit. They were very happy as they showed the buckets of fishes they were able to catch.

Aside from the ruling, President Rody Duterte has been strengthening the Philippine's relationship with China in the past weeks, which resulted to the welcoming of Filipino fishermen to fish in the area.

Watch the full report below:

Source: ABS-CBN , TNP

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