Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WATCH: Gay Customer " Beast Mode " At StarBuck's Crew Goes Viral In Social Media

Viral right now the video post of a Facebook user about the recent incident that happened in Starbucks when a gay customer suddenly started yelling into the poor barista girl for some reason and makes an entire, attention-seeking scene inside the coffee shop. Apparently, the gay customer seemed to be pissed off to the barista and to the entire management of the Starbucks branch and then started pointing out the flaws of the employees, most especially the barista girl who was constantly apologizing for a mistake or possible lapses they have committed to make the gay customer explode in rage. He started telling the barista that what if he was a “mystery guest” and that he is just doing everyone a favor by criticizing them to save them from further humiliation and embarrassment, not knowing he was already shaming himself rather than the barista who kept her chill at all times through out the continuous rage of the customer who spoke sharp words like a machine gun.

The customer, namely Louie Mel Darilag, went on a beastmode to the barista that he suddenly considered himself as a what-if mystery guest. He also pointed his finger into the face of the barista as he stood up to further shame himself—oh, rather the barista and all other staffs. Apparently, the barista has not reached the expectations of the customer regarding his coffee or the coffee went on late or that they have given the wrong order and that he went on a rage, and called upon her to further humiliate her and force her to pay for the coffee sarcastically. Feeling like a primadonna queen on Starbucks, the gay customer remained resilient and not cautious on what could have happen to him with the words he had spoken to degrade the barista employee. He even had his head flick sideways as if rolling eyes to her and folding her arms like a true mean girl.

Many netizens reacted negatively towards the gay customer and praised the barista for handling things professionally and keeping her chill no matter how suitingly wanting to slap the customer with a chair because of his apparent rudeness and attitude. Many says that Starbucks being a status symbol here in the Philippines because of the expensive coffee prices the establishment offers, many Filipinos became overly boastful an/or become a social climber once they step in towards the coffee shop. Probably the gay customer felt very “sosyal” when he entered and dined inside Starbucks that he forgot to react properly or if not elite-like, demure and appropriate and not to make a scene such as this. If it is fame in social media that he wanted, then congratulations to him because he has finally achieved it.