Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Lady From Malaysia Was Accused Of Seducing A Feng Shui Master For His Wealth, But She Reveals Something That Shocked Netizens!

Like a drama series you see out of television, netizens have witnessed a story as intriguing as any telenovela. 

A Facebook post showing a Malaysian girl and a Feng Shui master arguing over money has gone viral.

Gan Ling Yang posted on Facebook about an old Feng Shui master who was allegedly cheated by Crystal Lim Hooi Koon. Koon allegedly approached the old master, seduced him, and eventually stole all his money which was said to be 400, 000 Malaysian Ringgit, roughly $89,000.

Koon was described by Gan as a shameless cunning woman who cheated the old man of his money and feelings. According to Gan, Koon made her way into the old man’s heart by being kind to him and his wife. 

After this, Koon started to send explicit text messages to the old man’s WeChat account and that is where things started to escalate between the two of them. 

One of the texts she sent him was: “I missed you very much. Ever since you shaved my beard, I started to have special feelings towards you. I think of you in the midst of my examination.” Netizens have speculated that the “beard” in question meant pubic hair, and it was later confirmed by Gan herself.

Things eventually got intimate between the two. Apparently, the old man was a popular Feng Shui master who even made the papers when he was younger.

Netizens were surprised when Gan admitted that she was the old master’s daughter. The plot thickened even further when a netizen by the name of Lee Fei started posting screenshots of a conversation between Koon and the old man. Some people believed Fei to be Koon herself.

The screenshots revealed how the old man threatened to kill Koon with the help of gangsters if she ever left him. This was a practice he had been doing with the other affairs he’s had. He also took indecent photos and videos of Koon to use against her as blackmail. Fe also revealed that the old man planned to kill his own family just so he could be with Koon.

Turns out the old man's wasn't as innocent as he seemed.