It seems like the conflict between Claudine Barreto and her former husband Raymart Santiago isn't cooling down any time soon. Their conflict escalated after Claudine revealed that a member of the Santiago family hurt her son, Santino. Claudine posted a rather controversial post on her Facebook page that said:

"Be prepared to defend yourselves, hope u guys have a Merry Christmas and a New Year in Court all. Santino and I wanted was for your family say "SORRY" and to assure us that ur family will NEVER RAISE YOUR HAND ON MY SON or Daughter. Dra. Bernadette Manalo- Arcena reached out to you not only once but a couple of times coz your Son is hurting, Angry and scared but ng tataas ng PRIDE and ang YAYABANG NYO. I wont be the Mother who protects my kids if i'd let this slide or worst sweep this under the Rug. I suggest u guys PREPARE! Merry Christmas and have a hell of a New Year!"

In the comments section, she further explained that Raymart failed to protect their son. Raymart earlier downplayed the issue saying that it was just a petty fight among the kids.



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