Sunday, December 18, 2016

Controversial: Ella Cruz’s Alleged Stalker Exposed Her Scandal on Social Media!

We know Ella Cruz is known for her numerous of dance covers. We cannot deny the fact that she really amazed a lot of people because of her talent, especially to those young men out there who admires them. Aside from that she also been a good actress to many of her TV projects even when she was young.
But recently,  she has this alleged account stalker that exposed her private pictures and videos. The picture is showing her doing an adult thing with a guy in front of the camera. This Picture is now taking rounds the social media.
Still, there are no assurance that this photo is for real, but statement from the side of Ella Cruz is awaited by her adoring fans. Many netizens believe that the said hacker who spreads this photo have a huge desire to get her.