Thursday, December 29, 2016

WATCH: Drunk American Arrested For Publicly Performing Oral S*x On A Thai Bar Girl!

Netnapa Prawaddee (20), a bar girl in Thailand was surprised when a 49-year old American businessman who is a regular customer of their bar performed oral s*x on her in public during the celebration of Songkran Festival.

Ben Bartanyi was arrested by local police authority and was charged public indecency. His video which immediately went viral shows him in between the legs of the bar girl. His friend later on  grabbed him by the arms and splashed water n him because he was too drunk. 

He was nicknamed '“Farang Burn” (Head-giving Farang) by the social media community. He explained the local police that he was too drunk when it happened and he apologized for his inappropriate acts. 

Meanwhile, Netnapa also admitted that she was shocked but was also intoxicated when it happened.


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