Thursday, December 29, 2016

WATCH: PNP Cainta searches for dead bodies stashed inside drums!

This day hopefully marked the end for the notorious Highway Boys gang after 15 of them got arrested, while 4 were shot dead during an encounter with the PNP in Cainta and their SWAT team

According to the PNP, they have been closely monitoring the group but haven't been able to get sufficient leads as to the whereabouts of the notorious gang. Luckily, one informant, who refused to be identified, reported that the gang was in the midst of a criminal activity near the river. The PNP then caught the gang in the act as they were about to pour cement on a dead body. 

The PNP reports that the gang is also involved in illegal drugs and have been killing members who failed to remit sales from the selling of banned substances. This led the team to search the riverbank and other grounds in the area where new houses are being built. They believe that the bodies were stashed in drums and cement was poured on them before being buried or thrown in the river. 

Meanwhile, those who were arrested faces multiple charges and are now being held in the Cainta police station. 

Watch the video below for more details: