Thursday, December 15, 2016

WATCH: They Thought That This Girl Is Hugging the Tree Because She's Dizzy, But What She Did Next Was Beyond Crazy!girl made out with a tree

Parties are fun especially when you are with your friends, having a booze and dancing freely. But having too much alcohol can do a lot of crazy things to a person - just as what happened to this girl. It may sound crazy, but she tried to make out with a tree.

This girl looks like she is intoxicated and people are starting to gather around her as she was first seen hugging the tree. But what's crazy is that she starts to talk to the tree like the tree is being naughty with her.

It sounds like it's hard to believe but it's true. The guy who's taking the video even said, "She is having a blast."

She kept on talking to the tree but a few moments later she started stripping as if no one is watching her. 

The girl kept on dancing. However, she did something crazier than stripping. SHE KISSED THE TREE. Not just an ordinary kiss but a french kiss. The people went berserk as the girl started making out with the tree.

Meanwhile, netizens are not happy with how the people acted. Many of them claim that instead of helping the poor girl, they filmed and made fun of her.

What do you think of the video below?


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