While newly-crowned Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere had only good words to say about the pageant translator, she acknowledged that her answer to the final question was different from what was said.

During her post-pageant press conference, Iris said that the moment of failure she was actually talking about was when she thought she didn't pass her first year of medical school because her name wasn't on the registry list.

"When I was in my first year of medicine, the first time I didn't have my first year. And I cried a lot, and I said 'Oh my God, and I have now to do it again.' After that I saw I wasn't on the list, I go and I bought another book for medicine immediately," she told reporters.

"They called me in one week after this, they said 'Actually this was a mistake. You have your first year of medicine. You succeed,'" she added.

As one of the Top 3 finalists, Iris was asked to "name something over the course of your life that you failed at and tell us what you learned from that experience."

French-speaking netizens noticed the discrepancy between Iris' answer and the translation.

“French translator said: when i missed my first casting," Heussaff wrote. "But she really said '1st year of Medicine school.'

Despite this, the new Miss Universe bore the confusion caused by the mistake with grace.
"I think my translator was very good," she said. --JST, GMA News


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