President Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday (Saturday Manila Time) immediately engraved a mark of his presidency as the civil rights, healthcare, climate change, and LGBT pages were removed from the White House website overnight.

As noted by the Boston GlobeBBCWashington Post, NBC, Miami Herald, and dozens of other news sites, these pages were taken down  immediately after Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Donald Trump's famous campaign phrases have replaced a dozen pages on the White House Issues section.

During the campaign, Trump had embraced certain anti-LGBTQ policies and noted that his vice president Mike Pence previously signed a bill allowing "businesses to discriminate and deny service to LGBTQ people."

Trump had also vowed to eliminate former president Barack Obama's climate change policies, as noted by the Washington Post.

One of the first executive orders Trump signed on Friday also downsized a prominent feature of the Obama term, the 2010 Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, an act that expanded insurance coverage to more than 20 million people.

The Independent also noted that none of the new webpages under the new White House website referenced the US civil rights movement.

CNN reported that all removed pages were migrated to an archive of Obama's policies, which can be found on this website.

Meanwhile, a segment of the First Lady's biography was redacted within hours to show her charitable works and interests.

A paragraph promoting Melania Trump's jewelry line, ‘Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry', on sale through commercial retailer QVC was re-written to merely state her creation of a jewelry collection.

The original paragraph read: “Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, ‘Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry,’ on QVC."

It now reads: “Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection.” —LBG, GMA News


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