Mar Roxas was one of the favorites during the 2016 Election Campaign period, as he was the standard bearer for the Yellow Lliberal Party along with his running mate, now Vice President, Leni Robredo.

After his loss, he started traveling around the Philippines and blogging about it. Not much was heard from him in the political context, until the day he posted about his eggs.

On a Faceboook post made in his official and verified account, Mar Roxas was seen beating and cooking his eggs.

The post included a photo of him in his normal house clothes while he was cooking his scrambled eggs.

"As alleged Sec of Nutrition, I recommend scrambled eggs para sa mga scrambled brains," he captioned his photo. One would assume that this was a "shout out" to all his detractors, especially after he was recently mentioned in plunder cases related to the Department of "Nutrition" and Local Government, a joke he and his spokeperson made.

Abigail Valte said that these accusations are "completely absurd" and "baliw" (crazy).

"First, there is no Department of Nutrition and Local Government. Second, the Secretary of Justice and Secretary of Interior and Local Government are not members of the Monetary Board," she added.

Graft and plunder cases were filed against former President Aquino, Mar Roxas, and 5 other officials for the alleged shipment of $141 billlion in gold to Thailand.

Aside from beating eggs and taking occasional shots at the government, Mar Roxas is spends his time as a certified diver.



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