Last Wednesday afternoon, local chiefs who gathered to have a meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacañang got a verbal beating from the President.

According to Inquirer.net, a mayor from Luzon (who requested his name not to be mentioned) told them the President was not in a good mood as he faced other local chiefs due to public officials being included at Duterte's narco-list.

"(He was in a) very bad mood. Minura at pinagbantaan ang mayors na involved sa illegal drugs at corrupt," Luzon Luzon Mayor told Inquirer.

Duterte on a separate speech said that mayors who are included in his  narco-list should resign and cut off their involvement with narco trade, or else they will have to face death instead. A few days after this speech, he called the local chiefs all over the Philippines for a gathering.

There is still no further comment from the President regarding the issue.



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