Thursday, January 19, 2017

READ ► Mug Shot of a Man Who Raped and Killed a Girl Goes Viral and Netizens Want Him to Be the First to Be Sentenced With the Death Penalty!

Due to the focus of the Philippine National Police in fighting the war on drugs under the direct orders of President Rodrigo Duterte, heinous crimes such as rape and murder are somewhat being left unattended. 

Although the crime rate has had a significant decline since Duterte assumed office, eradicating it completely as he promised seemingly remains impossible.

As a way to perhaps curb these horrible crimes, many legislators are justifying the reinstitution of the death penalty. Many human rights advocates were angered because of the proposal to bring back the death penalty and have been appealing to prevent its approval. 

On social media, the mugshot of a man who raped and killed a girl is firing up many netizens in support of the re-institution of the death penalty. The mugshot was posted by Karen Mclife, the victim's aunt.

According to Mclife, the person in the mugshot is identified as Benjo Lobino. He was arrested last January 09, 2016. Mclife urged others to support the death penalty bill and make Lobino the first person to be sentenced to it. 

An overwhelming number of netizens supported Mclife's statement. Many suggested that the suspect should be tortured before getting killed, while others just wanted him hanged. 

As of this writing, the post has already garnered around 3.5 thousand reactions and over 28 thousand shares. 

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