Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SHOCKING ► High Schooler Is Harassed And Degraded by College Students on Facebook Group Chat

There are many different ways to harass someone, and all of them involve tormenting someone else. Whether its sexual harassment at the office or bullying in school, it's crucial to identify if you or someone you know is being harmed in this manner.

Take this story of a high schooler, who suffered sexual harassment from college kids from San Beda, PUP and UST in a Facebook group chat.

All of the perpetrators were male.

Twitter-user @bedformaine posted her outrage over hurtful and inappropriate comments made towards her cousin who was studying in high school. She posted these screenshots of the chat which clearly show these college students making improper talk over the minor.

Irish reposted the rant of Icha on her  Facebook account, because the cousin of the victim had to deactivate her account after people attacked and threatened her for defending her cousin.

A certain netizen named Irish Mayuga reposted the rant by @bedformaine on her Facebook page. Apparently Icha, the original poster of the rant, had to deactivate all her social media accounts because she herself suffered attacks and threats made directed at her.

All of this was because she was defending her female cousin's honor and dignity.

Warning: the following photos have language and content unsuitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

It just goes to show that harassment is still going on, whether in real life or on the internet. We should all learn how to defend those who suffer from harassment, especially women who have no voice to speak for themselves.