Monday, January 2, 2017

Shocking ► This mom breastfeeds kids that are too old for breastmilk!

We all know for a fact that experts really advise moms to breastfeed their babies for them to be able to get more nutrients. But then, it is also advised that when children reach the right age, you should stop them from drinking breast milk.

Now, there's this weird footage of a mom who calls herself a "Spiritual Tasha Mama" that's been circulating online lately! The video shows a mom of two who does her role as a mom, to breastfeed her children.
But then, as you take a closer look in the video, you can clearly see that the other boy seems to be too old for such thing.

This was supposed to be a video that will promote breastfeeding and to encourage everyone not to be embarrassed about doing it in public, but then, it captured the attention of the netizens after seeing the little boy.

Everything's fine with her and even stated that she'll even breastfeed her six year old boy!

Look closely and you'll see that the little boy is really loving it!


SOURCE: ► PH Report