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Despite several laws prohibiting sexual harassment all over the globe, it is still a common experience many women have to suffer through.

According to a survey of 500 people by, 54% of the respondents have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Of the 54%, 79% were women.

It's such a startling fact that sexual harassment is so rampant that even a Republic Act explicitly prohibiting it (R.A 7877) has failed to curb the sheer number of incidents from occuring.

Sexual harassment is a sickening act that dehumanizes the victim, making them feel powerless and insignificant.

However, this particular viral video might inspire hope among all women who were once victims of sexual harassment.

A video posted on Facebook shows a perveted man sniffing at a young woman while they were riding an elevator. The disgusting behavior exhibited by the man prompted the woman to kick him in the groin and knee him in the head.

Everyone who saw the video can easily say that the pervert deserved what he got. Read these netizen's comments:

Marlene Burgess wrote: "I wish all women could defend themselves this well-attacks would stop!"

Maribel Laflin wrote: "Good that's what he gets....perv!!!!

John Emery wrote: "Sweet!! Atta girl!! All women should learn this."

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