Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WATCH ► CAUGHT ON CAM: Jhong Hilario Did Something Unusual to Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis!

The hosts of the noontime variety show ‘It's Showtime’ share a bond deeper than what their fans could have imagined – their friendship extends beyond the camera. With several years of hosting experience under their belt, all of them have become more or less attuned with each other's quirks and quips.

While off-duty and not taping, these hosts have a habit of bantering and playing pranks on each other, particularly Jhong Hilario. He takes delight in teasing his co-hosts every chance he gets and even records these on video. 

Case in point: a video was uploaded by STPH Staff on YouTube. It features a compilation of all the different pranks that Jhong has done to Vhong, Ryan, and Anne

It begins harmlessly, with Vhong unassumingly entering the bathroom to wash his hands. However, Jhong does something that would probably make you cry or erupt in laughter – you decide. 

Apart from Jhong, the noontime variety show is also co-hosted by Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Karylle, and Amy Perez. It has plenty of segments within its 3-hour-long running time, including song and dance numbers, talent performances, and even a quiz bee. 

What do you think of Jhong's pranks? Would you like to experience how it's like to be pranked by him? Share your feelings and opinions in the comments section!