A video recently went viral showing an obviously angry girl  beating up seems to be her boyfriend.

The girlfriend who appeared in a red sando and a short pants started punching her helpless boyfriend. She pulled his hair, slapped him several times, screamed at his face, and hit his stomach while the guy did nothing in return.

The reason for the girl's anger was not made clear in the  video because they spoke in a foreign language.

Netizens reacted negatively to the violent treatment of the girl who obviously broke the guy's ego. Meanwhile, they admired his discipline and patience towards the mad girl.

At the end of the video, he was seen fleeing while looking down and frustrated.

A social media user named Jamie Fuentes commented: "Pag sinapak ka nyan girl ay ewan ko lang. HAHA dapat di ganyan mali yan eh. Kahit pa lalaki yan respeto padin."

Netizen Marvin Capon Palcutilo wrote, "Bilib ako sa lalake dahil hindi nya ginagantihan ang babae, ewan ko lang kung saken nangyari yan! Not sure!"

The video was posted on a Facebook page with a caption that asks if all girls do this to their boyfriends when thy're mad at them.


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