Sunday, January 1, 2017

WATCH: His Girlfriend Gets An Insane Wedding Proposal. He Let Policemen Ambush Her!

Good weddings proposals are often dream-like. This is the reason why proposers often think of the most creative ways to express their love. This is also why we often gush and blush when we see them in our newsfeeds

This wedding proposal, however, seems to be the stuff of nightmares. 

In this particular wedding proposal, we can see Vlad Lungu and his girlfriend Alexandra, riding in their car in Brasov in Central Romania. The seemingly uneventful ride took on an insane twist when suddenly, a group of armed men flagged hem and urged them to go out. 

Eventually, they realized that the armed men were, in fact, police officers. The 'policemen' then shoved her to the ground and even choked her neck. 

The armed men then shouted at her repeatedly, asking her, “Do you know this man?! Do you know what he has got in the trunk?” They then grabbed her to the back of the car to let her see what is in the trunk. 

However, to her surprise, she saw her grinning boyfriend with a ring in hand, proposing to her.

Of course, that was the time that she realized all of these terrifying (romantic?) moments were staged. 

It turns out that Vlad asked his friends to do the prank. To make the whole act legal, he spelled the car "Polita" instead of "Politia." At least he has the foresight to do so. 

The couple is now happily engaged. 

Watch the entire video here: