Saturday, January 28, 2017

WATCH ► Husband Brutally Attacks Wife's Lover During Their Date

WARNING: Graphic content is not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Tales of mistresses are very common on the internet, but it is rare to find the wife cheating, and facing disastrous results. A violent CCTV footage has been circulating online showing an angry husband brutally attacking and knocking out the lover of his wife.

In a video posted on YouTube by Daily Philippines, the lover was dropping off the wife from his car when a few moments later, the wife's husband came out of nowhere and started to attack the lover. The husband pushed him to the ground and punched him. After this, the husband kicked the lover with full force several times in the head.

The lover lost his consciousness and later on, the husband decided to drag his body towards the sidewalk so that he would not be run over by any automobile.

Many netizens praised the husband for actually confronting the lover and being able to 'defend' his family but others commented that it would be better if the husband would settle the matters in court, where the process can be done legally.

Mahirap gumamit ng violence, kung mapatay pa niya yan o ma comatose siya pa makulong; a netizen commented.

As of this writing, it is not known whether the husband has truly forgiven the wife and if the wife did stop the affair.

What do you think about this? Do you think the lover deserved that brutal attack? Tell us your comments below!


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