Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WATCH ► This Woman Didn't Know That She Was Being Stalked Until This Happened!

Technology has made a lot of things possible these days. It has made instantaneous communication possible between people living all over the world. We can even see the person we are talking to through the use of video calls

However, with new technological developments come new problems. One example comes from this short film which caused quite the commotion online. 

The short film is called webcam and it was posted on YouTube by ‘Amazzzzing Videozzz....’ 

The beginning of the film shows a woman who was confused by her laptop’s camera seemingly malfunctioning. She thought it was just a minor hardware glitch, but after some time she noticed that it kept blinking and wouldn’t turn off. Although her laptop was already powered down, its camera kept on rolling. 

Little did she know that her webcam was hacked and that she was being stalked! 

The hacker was able to monitor her daily routine – from the moment she woke up all the way to when she went to sleep. One night, the hacker paid her a visit. 

Watch what happened next below!


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