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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Senator Leila De Lima said she has received information from a reliable source that she might be arrested anytime soon as the authorities are allegedly fastracking the consolidated drug trafficking cases against her.
"Ang plano na daw ngayon ng DOJ is idi-diretso nila sa regular courts para makakuha agad ng warrant of arrest," De Lima said on Wednesday.
[Translation: The DOJ is planning to file it before a regular court so they can get the warrant of arrest.]
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, meanwhile, said on Thursday the resolution on De Lima's cases will be out soon. He said some cases will be elevated to the Ombudsman, while some will be turned over to the Regional Trial Court, which case can issue an arrest warrant.
Consolidated cases of drug trafficking were filed against De Lima by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), former National Bureau of Investigation deputy directors Reynaldo Esmeralda and Ruel Lasala, the National Bureau of Investigation, and inmate Jaybee Sebastian.
Another case filed against De Lima is in connection with Kerwin Espinosa's drug operations.
She said it will allegedly be submitted for resolution even if she has a pending petition with the Court of Appeals.
"So the case is submitted for reso without my counter affidavit kasi kinukwestyon ko talaga yung jurisdiction...Dapat idiretso ho nila yan sa Ombudsman and the Ombudsman will do its own prelim investigation," De Lima said.
[Translation: The case was submitted for resolution without my counter affidavit; I'm questioning their jurisdiction, because it should be filed at the Ombudsman, which will do its own preliminary investigation.]
She has filed for an Ombibus motion to elevate the case to the Ombudsman, in order for the the DOJ to be barred from handling the case. She has yet to get a temporary restraining order from the Court of Appeals.

De Lima: Perks given to inmates who testified against me

The senator insists she is not involved in the illegal drugs trade.
She is even considering filing a case against Aguirre before the Ombudsman for allegedly protecting the drug lords who have testified against her at the House of Representatives.
The senator said she has received verified information about the privileges extended to them when they were brought at the AFP detention cell after testifying in Congress.
"I have proof na nung binalik na nila dun after they testified sa House, nirestore nila yung mga privileges, including the use of cellphones and other communication gadgets, dahil pangako daw yun ni SOJ sa kanila when they agreed to testify against me," she said.
[Translation: I have proof that after they testified at the Lower House, their privileges were restored, including the use of cellphones and other communication gadgets. I was told it was the SOJ's promise to them when they testified against me.]
Aguirre denied De Lima's allegations.
He also pointed out her use of the term "restores," which, he said, means the senator is admitting to wrongdoing.
"She must be referring to her stint as Secretary of Justice when such privileges abounded and were tolerated in the NBP," he said.


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