Child-trafficking is a huge problem in china. According to a popular trending news site, a Chinese reporter discovered that 40% of reported child-traffcking cases were linked to parents trying to sell their own children to people they had no relation to.

Parents who were found guilty of selling their children seemed to blame the practice on China's  notorious "one child policy". The controversial policy was started by the Chinese government in 1980 to supposedly curb poverty. But it seems that the single child policy is not the oly reason behind chil-trafficking by parents in the country.Recent studies revealed that some Chinese parents sell their children just to afford certain luxuries.

The story of a young couple who sold their 18-day-old child has gone viral online.

The young couple fell in love at work and later decided to live together. An unplanned pregnancy soon followed.

They were sure that their combined income would not be able to support the child, so the father came up with what seemed like the "perfect solution" at that time. He decided to try selling the child online.

The father, 19-year-old Aduan, sold the child on a site named QQ. He reportedly receive 23,000 Yuan (about 3,500 USD) out the deal. He apparently used the cash to purchase an iPhone7 and a motorcycle.

Netizens think that Aduan is a contender for Worst Father of the Year so far.

The child was bought by a yet to be identified man who reportedly did it for his sister. The buyer later turned himself in after he delivered the child to his sister. The child has not been removed from his sistre's house, according to sources.

The mother of the child, Xiao Mei, also 19 years old, was caught by the police soon after the buyer surrendered.

Aduan was given three years in jail. His girlfriend was given two and a half.



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