Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Duterte Takes Advantage of Media Coverage to Send Message to 'Lover Boy' Baste Who Refuses to Answer Calls: 'P— ina Baste, Nasaan Ka?

After involving his family issues in several speeches over the past week, President Rodrigo Duterte confessed that he is using media coverage in order to send a message to his son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte.

According to the President, he is having trouble contacting Baste who seems to be refusing to answer his calls.

On Duterte's speech at the kick-off ceremony of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) tax campaign for 2017 held at the PICC, the President has yet again opened up about his son's personal life and issues apparently.

In his speech, Duterte admitted that unlike his other children Inday Sara and Paolo "Pulong" Duterte who are the mayor and vice-mayor of Davao respectively, Baste is giving him problems.

"Hindi ako hirap sa unang… but you know, kagaya nito ni Baste. Iyong si lover boy. Ayaw ko lang siraan baka magalit. Ako ang nag… you know, some are making good. Inday, she’s mayor, Pulong is vice," shared Duterte.

Duterte also discussed once again Baste's relationship with his own kids whom he has not been visiting lately, according to Duterte.

"Itong kay Baste pati ‘yung ibang apo ko, ako ang nag…kaya sabi ko na nasasaktan ako ‘nong marinig ko na, 'Love mo papa mo, mama mo?' 'Mama lang.' Iyong anak kong si Baste ‘yung tatay."

A few days ago Duterte discussed his issues over Baste's relationship with the Kapamilya sexy-actress Ellen Adarna. Although the President did not throw shade at the actress, Duterte insinuated that he was not happy with the relationship as Baste lacks time for his kids.

Baste on the other hand has responded to this claiming that he is no longer with the actress.

Duterte voiced out his concerns in his speech on February 6 over the whereabouts of his son after security aides failed to get in touch with him.

"P— ina Baste, nasaan ka? Hindi ko naman talaga alam kung nasaan eh. I took advantage of the national coverage. Tingnan mo, tanungin ko sa mga security, 'Tawagan mo si Baste.' 'Sir, hindi sumasagot.' Sabagay nandoon kay ano, kay love niya si Ellen," Duterte said.