Sunday, February 5, 2017

Miss Universe 2016 Is A Descendant Of This Filipino Hero! Could It Be True? Find Out Here!

The grand coronation night of the fabulous Miss Universe 2016 was held less than a week ago, and it is still the talk of the town for many, as numerous issues revolved around the beautiful winner, Miss France Iris Mittenaere

New rumors just popped up claiming the stunning 25-year old is said to have Filipino blood coursing through her veins, according to 'Basta Pinoy Trending'.

The Facebook page with a following of over 112 thousand people claims that Iris was 1/8 Filipina because her great great grandmother was the daughter of Jose Rizal and Nellie Boustead. 

The French beauty queen has yet to confirm any of the post's claims and no supporting facts were presented at all. 

According to history books, Rizal and Boustead met in Paris, France and entered a relationship, with the two almost getting married. However, they did not tie the knot because of Boustead's desire for Rizal to convert into her religion, Protestantism, which our national hero refused to do. 

The two were civil and mature in handling their breakup and parted as friends.

Check out their post below:

The post was done in a satirical way, eschewing the aesthetics often reserved for memes. Meaning, the post is literally a joke that some people just took seriously. It preyed on the common Filipino's penchant for claiming anyone having Filipino blood as their 'kababayan' accompanied by proclamations of "proud to be Pinoy!"

Many Filipino Facebook users were all over the post, with reactions ranging from hilarious 'hirits' all the way to serious arguments with the page's claims. 

A certain Mart Pascual said, “Kapitbahay ko nga pinoy tas may lahing unggoy bat di naman binalita .So pag sikat pipilitin maging pinoy.”

Jarred Galang expressed his dismay, saying: “jusko 1/8 filipina todo support kau ....pero sa pure filipina .todo bash kau.”

Do you believe that Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere has Filipino blood? Do you also believe that memes are facts? Be heard and give us your opinions in the comments section!