Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stem Cell Transplant to Help Mighty Eli Survive Acute Myeloid Leukemia!

After Courageous Caitie stole the hearts of many netizens last year, Mighty Eli is doing just about the same thing as he fights cancer at the age of 10. 

A page called Warrior for Mighty Eli has been set-up to garner support for the young brave boy. According to his mother, Jan Nicola Marfil, he has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia just last October 31, 2016. AML is a rare kind of leukemia with only 30% survival rate. However, a stem cell transplant will raise the chances by 70%. Currently, he needs this stem cell transplant on top of his ongoing chemotherapy sessions to survive the disease. Despite being a single mom, Jan makes sure that Eli can get all the help and medication that he needed. Still, she admitted that she can't do it alone. She has also set-up a Go-Get-Funding profile for Eli to raise the money needed for the transplant.

She further shared that the first two chemotherapy sessions weren't successful. It was found out that Eli has a genetic mutation that is resistant to chemotherapy. His cancer cells have been multiplying aggresively from 2% to 97% in just matter of days. Currently, Jan shared that they will try another cycle of chemotheraphy to help Eli. However, the funding also went back to zero.

Despite these, Jan remains hopeful that Eli can fight through this as he isn't fighting alone. In a Facebook post, she shared that they are ready and not afraid. She also noted how much she thanks the Lord despite their situation saying: 

"I realized we cannot change how our lives turn out. No matter how much we pray to change our fates, God already has our entire lives planned from start to end. There are no coincidences or bad luck because God made each and every story of our lives with so much love. I know now that I should just keep still and keep a 100% child-like faith. 

Along with faith, there should be 100% action. Eli and I thank God everyday for each warrior who joined this fight and we continue to work to gather more. Difficult days ahead and #MightyEli needs all the love he can get."

If you are willing to make donations for Eli, check out this page.