Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Terrible! Mother Sexually Assaulted by Brother-in-Law in Front of her Kids

Authorities are now looking for a man who suspected of raping his sister-in-law right in front of her two minor children at Minalabac, Camarines Sur.

In a report made by ABS-CBN News, 5-year-old “Jessa” (real name withheld) witnessed the horrible incident in which her uncle attacked her mother “Maria.” 

According to the child, the incident occurred on the evening of January 17. Her father hadn’t come home yet when her uncle entered their house. 

The uncle told his niece not to call anyone for help while showing her a gun.

The suspect allegedly sexually assaulted the mother 3 times in front of her children.

Purportedly the father came home and found his wife tied up but did nothing to help her. He even ordered the suspect to fetch water before asking him for 3 cigarettes.  

Jessa was the one who freed her mother using a machete. 

Maria was often found staring blankly when speaking to the ABS-CBN reporters. She admitted being afraid, but forced herself to find courage for her children.

Police believe the crime may have been premeditated.

Minalabac Police spokesperson PO2 Fatima Lanuza issued this comment, "Iyung asawa ni nanay, laging wala. Parang it will take an hour bago makabalik ng bahay kung pupunta sa bukid. Sinamantala siguro na wala ang asawa niya." The police have also confirmed that Maria tested positive for sexual assault through medico-legal examination. 

Charges have been filed against the missing suspect on February 2. Authorities are also looking for any legal action that may be filed against the husband of the victim, who did not come to his spouse’s aid. 

Jessa and her younger brother have been taken into police custody. 

Maria’s other child was taken by another brother-in-law. A separate complaint was filed by Maria because of this.

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