Even in this day and age, homosexuals and transgender people are still not treated equally. Being themselves and expressing their real identity often becomes a struggle.

Most of them live in fear because of the numerous killings of gays and transgenders.

Recently, Shameera Krishnan, a transgender women in Malaysia, was brutally murdered and mutilated on February 23,2017 just a day before her birthday.

26-year-old Shameera resides in Mentakab, Pahang and works as a florist.

Despite her awful death, most people from the local press still judged her and called her disrespectful names such as 'mak nyah' and 'pondan.'

'Mak nyah' refers to a ladyboy or a 'chick with a stick' in the Malay urban dictionary. On the other hand, 'Pondan' is general term for the gender slur 'fggot.'

Shameera is neither of those words, she's just a human like all of us are.

V. Reenunair, 29, was the victim's cousin that reported the attack to the police. The incident occured at Jalan Pascar.

"Four fingers of her right hand were severed and she had serious head injuries. Her right arm was also badly mutilated as though ahe had been trying to ward off repeated blows from her assailant."

Sadly, the fammily thought that Shameera was still alive when she was rushed to Tengku Ampuan Hospital but when they arrived, they found out the shocking truth.

"We didn't know she had died at that time. We went to the mortuary and found that she had been shot in her posterior."

"Why would anyone hurt her like this?"

Shameera was once K. Selamperasan, a male, about 7 to 8 years ago. After deciding to embrace the real her, she lived her life in peace without involving herself in any fights.

Netizens raged over those who called Shameera bad names saying that they should at least respect the horrible death she  had.

One netizen said, "Something is terribly wrong with journalism ethics lately. 'Transgender found dead'... 'Mak nyah kena ditetak'. Learn to be sensitive and respect others first!"

Another netizen added, "People are so rude towards transgenders that they often forget that she is also human. Just because she's a transgender, doesn't mean she 'deserves' to die with no compassion."

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