Sunday, February 12, 2017

VIRAL: This Sexy Woman Offers A 'One Night' To A Married Man! His Answer Is Definitely Unexpected!

A post by a Facebook user went viral as it showed how a loyal and loving husband turned down the offer of a one-night stand from a woman he met online. His reason of turning down the offer is really worth reading about.

From Jackie Moran Delos Santos’ post t,he conversation happened between a certain Ashley and a man who was not named. 

Ashley asked the guy if they could talk through video chat as she felt lazy talking with him on Facebook Messenger. When the guy refused, Ashley insisted but received nothing but rejection. 

Moments later, Ashley mentioned admitted that what she desired was to have a one-night stand with the husband. He immediately turned it down saying he cannot sacrifice his family forshort-term happiness. He also mentioned that he is loyal to his wife and asked her to look for anyone else. 

Their conversation ended as soon as Ashley received a bitter no.

The post garnered more than 10 thousand reactions and almost 17 thousand shares.