Sunday, February 12, 2017

WATCH ► Hundreds of Children from This Area Were Abandoned After Being Impregnated by Sex Trade Tourists!

Sex tourism is a horrible trade where people - oftentimes young women or even children - are forced into prostitution, either through poverty or by human traffickers, and used by visiting foreigners as sex objects.

In an area called Hadrian's extension in Angeles City, sex trade tourists abound. The place is known for being a hot spot for sex tourism. 

Unfortunately, due to poverty, many young women from this area willingly give their bodies in exchange for money. Some of them wind up pregnant.

Those who are unlucky enough to bear a child are quickly abandoned by the foreigners who used them. After all, tourists don't stay, they merely visit.

Thus, Hadrian's extension is the home for many fatherless children.

It is not a site one wishes to visit for the scenery, as the streets made of rubble and rubbish are filled with fatherless children. These children are usually left alone in their homes as their mothers are once again forced to ply their trade in order to make ends meet.

In some rare cases, these children's fathers provide financial support. For most of them, however, their existence remains unknown to their foreign fathers.

According to statistics in a video posted by Facebook page 'In the Now', more than 60 percent of the 4.7 million foreigners who visit the Philippines are men. The video cited a study that found that the majority of these foreign visitors are Australian, adding that they are also ranked as the third biggest spenders on the sex trade

Harry K Thomas Jr., the US ambassador to the Philippines in 2010-2013, revealed in 2011 that about 40 percent of tourists come to the country for the mere purpose of finding prostitutes.

Watch the video below for more details.

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