Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WATCH ► Ninong Digong? President Duterte Attends the Wedding of His Aide-De-Camp as the Couple's Godfather!

Remember that police officer who proposed to his girlfriend right in front of President Duterte? Well, it seems like the couple’s marriage is off to a happy start as the president himself attended their wedding and served as their godfather. 

Police Senior Inspector Arvin Jumillo married his girlfriend of six years, Police Senior Inspector Romea Alneiza Kinang, who was also Duterte’s aide-de-camp. An aide-de-camp is a military officer who acts as a confidential assistant to a senior officer. 

GMA News reported that, two days before February 14, the couple got married in a Muslim ceremony at Zamboanga City. Duterte even gave a pice of advice to them — don’t neglect their faith.

According to the president, he said, “When you anchor your union in your faith, there is nothing that the two of you cannot overcome.” 

Jumillo and Kinang were classmates who were part of the Philippine National Police Academy’s Class of 2012. They were together for around five years before they got married to each other. According to them, their marriage was one of the happiest days in their lives. 
Their memorable proposal happened when President Duterte visited the Police Regional Office 13 Headquarters in Camp Rafael Rodriguez, Butuan City. Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that after Duterte gave his speech on bringing lasting peace for Filipinos, Jumillo asked the president for a few minutes. 

The president conceded and Jumilo went to the stage to propose to Kinang, who was standing with Duterte. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and proceeded to narrate his love story with Kinang. 

According to Jumilio, he was supposed to ask for Kinang’s hand in marriage on October 2016 but they broke up beforehand because of a quarrel. 

His memorable words were: “Ganun pa man sir, I’m thankful na talagang everything happens for a reason. Had it happen na kinasal tayo, hindi mangyayari ito na makapag-propose ako sa ‘yo before the President of the Republic and viewing public throughout the world.”

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