Monday, February 27, 2017

WATCH ► Nokia 3310 is Back with New Features Already in Market! Remember is this Model?

The Nokia 3310 was a popular cellphone famous in the early 2000’s for its widespread use and the many features it had for its time – such as a calculator, stop watch, reminder function, games and of course the SMS text messaging. 

Later models of the phone had picture editors (pixelated), customizable ringtones and automatic keypad locking. 

The 3310 was especially famous for its durability, with it’s ability to take plenty of abuse without compromising it’s software. 

Now the old-school cellphone is making waves around the internet once more when Nokia announced the return of the tough phone.

Fans of the old 3310 were especially excited with this announcement.

Recently a viral video made by fan showcasing the conceptual style of the new phone has been all over the internet, further fueling speculation. 

Watch details of the 3310 concept here!

The video has garnered around 1,533,780 views as of writing.

As it turns out, more details of the phone have been leaked prior to it’s comeback.

In a report by Mashable and Chinese website Vtech, the “New” Nokia 3310 will come with more modern features suited for this generation. Such features include access to wireless internet among other functions found in contemporary phones.

The new 3310 will also have a colored and larger display than it’s predecessor, as well as a light and thinner design.

Let’s hope it still retains the sturdy body that it’s known for.

Are you excited for the new 3310? Too young to have heard of the 3310? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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