Monday, March 13, 2017

WATCH ► An Invisible Place of 'Biringan' in Samar Where People Who Went There Never Got The Chance to Return to Their Families!

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a netizens brought an experience of them together with his friends in a so called "Lost City" in Samar. We all have heard different creepy legends all over the internet 

but this one is really intense and it is making many netizens terrified for many people have already known and had heard that the legend is true.

In the story he tells his experience on how they saw the place called the "invisible" city of Biringan Samar. They said that the legend is confirmed and the creepy city is only visible when its night time and it is confusing sea farers whenever they travel at night. People also said that when people go there they will never be able to come back and a lot of people are still missing because of that and also a certain woman named Carolina is luring them to that place to be the victim of the island. 

The story caught the attention of many netizens and it is going viral all over. You can watch the video below!