Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CELEBRITY ► Raymond Gutierrez Finally Decided to Make Changes on His Body! You Won't Believe It! See What Happened Here!

Getting the body you've always dream of doesn't mean having to spend on cosmetic surgeries. All you need to achieve your most desired physique is a proper diet, a consistent exercise routine, and discipline. If you're also  striving for your own body #goals, then take inspiration from this guy. 

Recently, Raymond Gutierrez decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle and completely transform his body. Lately, the television host has been spending time on losing weight and building muscles for a healthier-looking physique.

CELEBRITY ► Raymond Guitterez Finally Decided to Make Changes on His Body! You Won't Believe It! See What Happened Here!

This twin of Richard Gutierrez also decided to join sports and fitness enthusiasts Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff, Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, and Isabelle Daza on various physical fitness activities. He even shared on his Instagram bio a link of his 90-day fitness challenge.

Raymond also shared inspiring words to his fans, “If you've ever had excuses in your head that stopped you from reaching your goals, trust me I've been there (all the way there). Let's get through this together!” He also thanked his good friend and fitness activity buddy, Erwan Heussaff for helping him set up the 90-day fitness challenge.

“Everyday I work hard towards my goals. It hasn't been easy, but every little change I see in my body keeps me motivated. Work in progress,” Raymond also said on his Instagram video of him while working out. 

It is never too late to change your lifestyle. If you are aiming for a healthier body, you need to have the discipline and eagerness to achieve it, like Raymond did. So what do you think about his transformation? Start the discussion here!