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President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday reiterated that the death penalty bill that the House of Representatives approved on final reading should include rape, but this time he added another qualifier. 

"Medyo kulang. ‘Yun dapat ‘yung rape with homicide, re-rape-in ka, tapos patayin ka; re-rape-in ka tapos kunan ka ng pera tapos papatayin ka. Dapat lang. Heinous crime. It’s a heinous crime," he told reporters in Davao City.

He issued the statement after he was asked if he would sign the death penalty bill, which excluded rape and plunder. 

The President confirmed that House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez reported to him that the death penalty bill was passed on final reading on Tuesday. Duterte met with Alvarez and Senate President Aquilino Pimentel after the measure's approval in MalacaƱang. 

"Yes, they reported to me the vote of the House at that time, which prevailed," he said.  Trisha Macas/BAP, GMA News



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