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Is a joke enough reason for lack of etiquette, asks netizens after a man went viral over the video shared by Filipino Vines.

Everything seemed normal and ordinary at first when the couple began eating their own meals, not minding one another's presence. However, on the later parts of the short clip, the man presumably realized that something got stuck on his mustache.

Although this sort of incident normally happens, netizens did not expect what the guy did next. Instead of grabbing a tissue paper, the man turned to the woman's sleeve shirt and used it to wipe his mouth!

The woman was evidently caught off guard. And even netizens cannot help but to share the woman's shock and disgust over the disturbing incident.

Although many found the video hilarious, other netizens voiced out their disgust.

"Alam kong nagpapatawa lang yung lalakie pero nakakadire pa rin panoorin," a certain netizen commented.



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