Ever thought of how huge the impact of your first meeting with your future husband or wife would be? In five decades, that would be the story you'd be telling your kids and grand kids, if things work out right.

However, how would you tell little children wishing for a fairy tale-like story that you met their grandpa or grandma on a naked dating game show?

Well, that would soon be the dilemma of Danielle and Richie who apparently appeared on a show in robes. Although naked dating isn't really too ssurprising anymore after the premiere of 'Naked Attraction' and Dating in the Buff', it might still be a bit awkward right?

During the radio show, which was also broadcasted over the internet, Danielle was asked by Aussie radio host Kyle Sandilands to take off the man's robe.

"Slide his robe off his shoulders and tell us what you think of the bloke," Kyle said as if it was too normal.

But if the woman felt uneasy with the order, it did not show as she exclaimed "Oh hot damn!" upon seeing Richie standing naked in her very eyes.

Although most of us would have probably been cringing right now (or maybe worse), it seems that Danielle and Richie had a great time. On all their naked glory, the woman said she's up for Netflix and chill. If her reactions weren't enough as a good sign, their full-on-kiss that sealed the deal is.

Soon after, the two were sent off for a romantic lunch after the steamy and unbelievable session on the game show.

Apparently, things seemed to have went well for both of them. Kyle even asked the two on the following day, "I'm going to ask you officially. Did you guys bang sometime yesterday? Wait for the drum roll... OK, Danielle, tell us. Did you bang yesterday or not?"

Danielle replied "Um, yep".

So, we're guessing it's time to try to make up a much better and totally demure story to tell their future kids on how they met. Any ideas?

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