Saturday, March 11, 2017

READ ► Duterte Orders Police and Military to Use All Assets To Wage War Against NPA

Following the ambush of four policemen in Davao del Sur, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the police and military force to utilize all available assets in waging war against the New Philippine Army (NPA).

In a report released by Philippine Star, Duterte expressed his disappointment over the incident which cost the lives of four Bansalan Municipal Police Station officials. The policemen were supposed to investigate a murder incident in Barangay Sibayan, Bansalan on Wednesday morning when a group of suspected NPA rebels attacked them.

The president claimed that the suspected NPA rebels responsible for their death are practicing 'ideological cannibalism' which is characterized by slaying fellow Filipino people for revolution.

"It’s not an overkill actually. It’s a question of honor… We fight war and as revolutionary ideology would put it, it’s a kind of ideological cannibalism because you devour your own kind. You kill your own brothers and sisters in thy name, in the altar of revolution," Duterte said during his visit to the wake of the ambushed police officials.

Because of the incident, the president was provoked to activate the utilization of all assets the military force has.

"I will allow the police and the military this time to use all available assets…airplanes, jets, use them…rockets. Collateral damage, pasensya (sorry)," the president added.

Duterte spoke about the effects of the ambush to the peace talks between the government and the communist group. He emphasized that there is no ongoing peace talks between two parties and he will ask the full military force to engage in war with the rebels.

Duterte Orders Police and Military to Use All Assets To Wage War Against NPA

 "There is no peace talks for now. It’s totally absent so in the meantime, I will just ask also the armed forces and the police, just go ahead, wage a war against them, anything goes for now," Duterte said.