Thursday, March 30, 2017

SHOCKING ► Hubad na larawan ng isang OFW, kumalat sa Facebook. Sinisising ex-boyfriend mangiyak-iyak sa pagmamakaawa at sa pagtanggi.

Past relationships can become complicated especially if there are still feelings of pain towards a previous partner. The hurt that is being felt by one partner may affect the new relationship that an individual is currently in. 

This is what happened to an OFW named Cristine Casipit. Cristine, who came home from working abroad, saw her nude photos going viral on Facebook. She reached out for help from Raffy Tulfo in his show 'Raffy Tulfo In Action' where her problem was featured.

According to Cristine, the only person who could be responsible for posting her naked pictures online is her ex-boyfriend Khristopher de Ocampo and his other ex-girlfriend, Elma. Cristine entrusted these explicit photos of hers to Khristopher which is why she assumed he was the one responsible for posting them online. 

Raffy Tulfo decided to console the crying Cristine by calling Khristopher. As Tulfo interrogated Khristopher, he told the show’s host that he was unaware of how Cristine's photos leaked online. 

He claimed that his Facebook account was hacked by Elma. Raffy Tulfo found it hard to believe and accused Khristopher of willingly giving Elma access to Cristine's nudes. 

“That’s bulls**t. I’m not gonna buy that,” said Tulfo.

Cristine’s theory is that Elma was jealous of her relationship with Khristopher which drove her to post her private photos without her consent. 

Tulfo said that these malicious actions towards Cristine would allow her to file a case against the two of them. This was supported by Col. Jake Guillermo of the anti-cybercrime department of PNP. 

According to Col. Guillermo, Cristine can file cases 1962 for the guy and 9995 for the ex-girlfriend for the uploading of nude photos without her consent,

After being told of Cristine's decision, Khristopher was heard sobbing over the phone as he pleaded for Cristine not to file charges against him. He promised to get a hold of Elma and tell her to leave Cristine alone. 

However, Cristine is fully convinced that she should push through with her complaints. She then proceeded to Camp Crame to file her case. 

Watch the video below and see for yourself: