Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SHOCKING ► Thai Woman Brought to the Hospital After Cucumber Accidentally Got Stuck Inside Her Due to a 'Bad Fall'

Getting frisky is a natural occurence for men and women. The need to satisfy these desires is natural. However, for some reason, some people just find the craziest means to accomplish this. 

And what's even more funny is their lack of accountability to admit what they did and they often come up with excuses that are simply unconvincing.

Recently, a 51-year-old Thai woman from Bangkok was brought to a hospital due to vaginal pains. According to the report of Singapore Uncensored website, the cause of her pains was apparently a cucumber.

The woman, however, claimed that she fell down and voila! The cucumber magically appeared out of no where and slipped in her vagina.

The woman's claims of it happening by accident made headlines on social media as it became a viral topic among the online community. The netizens who commented, refused to believe her excuse questioning how it all happened.

"Sooooo im guessing grown ups like her wear no underwear or the cucumber tore the crotch area and broke her door in," quipped netizen Dushi Aphrodisiac.

"Ofcourse she made it up to lessen the embarrasment. Obviously, she's on heat and sexperimenting on things [...] But hope she's doing fine now," said Frederick Buenvenida.

And we agree with Frederick, truly we do hope the woman is fine now. However, no other reports confirmed the state of the woman. For obvious reasons, her identity was also kept hidden. 

What's your say on this? Do you believe her or do you, just like everybody else, believe that it was all a phony excuse? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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