Sunday, March 26, 2017

Shocking ► This Facebook User Posted About the Online Store "SOLE CITY MNL" for entairtaining their Customer in Bad Manners!

Check this out! This Facebook User want to share his experience that he encountered last Sunday Morning (March 19,2017). IHe found an online seller page that focus on selling sneakers (Shoes) brands such as NIKE, ADIDAS, ASICS etc.

 So being aware of the shoes that the netizen want to inquire, he message the page and ask How much is it, and if i'ts legit or replica.

 Then suddenly one admin reply that it is 4k (Four Thousand Pesos)  because of Promo. Then He found out that one of my wall pics of Shoes that I buy on my profile is being taken of this bully admin then send it to him. With correction that my shoe quality is fake.

 Just Check the Post of Facebook User Posted in His Facebook Profile about this issue!

Conclusion is that if you are a seller and  you want to sell item, kindly please humble and answers your customers inquiry with the right manner.


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