Sunday, March 12, 2017

SHOCKING ► This Woman Decided Not To Wear Any Underwear Then She Accidentally Lost Her Pants While on A Carnival Ride!

People visit carnivals because they want to have fun. However, something unexpected just happened in this amusement park in Costa Rica.
A couple went on a date to a Costa Rican amusement park. They rode the La Tagada, a well-known carnival ride which requires riders to grip the metal bars as the circular platform spins and shakes erratically. To avoid getting off-balance, one has to focus on clinging onto the metal bars.

The viral video below features a woman struggling to keep her pants in place while on the La Tagada. Instead of being attracted to the colorful sites in the amusement park, many of the carnival-goers found themselves entertained by her embarrassing situation.

Unfortunately, this woman decided to go commando, meaning she chose not to wear any undergarments at all. That is why when she rode the La Tagada, people were able to get a peek at her nether regions.

When her boyfriend noticed she was struggling to keep her pants in place, he immediately tried to rescue her from embarrassment. However, the ride kept moving while both of them were tried desperately to cover her up.

The hilarious rescue attempt grabbed the attention of bystanders who couldn't help but stop and stare. 

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